Helpful Links

Iowa State University Extension

The ISU Extension website contains a wealth of helpful resources. Whether you're looking for information on how to keep plants you've purchased from us healthy or want to read about the different health benefits of eating fresh produce, the ISU Extension website has it all! Be sure to check out the links section of their website for even more helpful information!  Click here to view the website.

Nutrients for Life

The Nutrients For Life organization is a foundation committed to educate and inform the public about plant nutrients and their role in feeding the world. There are many excellent articles on this website. See a link directly to the blog below:

Click here to visit the Nutrients For Life blog!

Greenhouse Grower

Check out the Greenhouse Grower website for helpful information on different varieties of plants!  Click here to view the link.

Cornell University

Cornell University has some of the best information on horticulture in the world. This is just one of their pages on home gardening. Check out their many other pages here.

Plant Encyclopedia

Plant Encyclopedia is a comprehensive source of information about growing all types of plants.  Visit their page here.